Full Practice & Event Schedule

Kids A – Advanced (kids loop)
Kids B – Beginner (kids loop)
Peewee A – Advanced (peewee loop)
Peewee B – Novice (peewee loop)
Peewee C – Beginner (peewee loop)
Ladies A – Advanced (adult loop)
Ladies B – Beginner (kids loop)
Adults A – Advanced (adult loop)
Adults B – Novice (adult loop)
Adults C – Beginner (adult loop)
Adults AA – Pro (adult loop)
Vet A – Advanced (adult loop)
Vet B – Beginner (adult loop)


Saturday: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am-8:00am


Online registration dates to be announced in event listings below.
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*Start times subject to change. Weather and track conditions permitting.

Ladies B, Kids A, Kids B (kids course)
Ladies A, Adult C (adult course, C loop if specified)
**Subject to change. May run with adults in afternoon depending on race course.
Peewee A, Peewee B, Peewee C (peewee course, 30 minute races, classes split as needed)
Adult A, Adult B, Vet A, Vet B (adult course)
Adult AA (adult loop)




Register Online and On-site
Online Registration Dates TBA




Register Online and On-site
Online Registration Dates TBA



$25/class + $25

Register Online and On-site
Online Registration Dates TBA



$15/class + $25

Register Online and On-site
Online Registration Dates TBA


  1. All racers must possess an RMC day pass or current membership to participate in RMC events and races.
  2. Any rider under the age of 18 years must have signed consent from a minimum of 1 parent/ Guardian. Both are to sign whenever possible.
  3. Minimum safety requirements of boots and helmets must be worn AT ALL TIMES when on any type of off-road equipment or bike.
  4. No littering. Pack in pack out rules must be followed.
  5. Poor sportsmanship on and off the course at RMC events will NOT be tolerated. Penalties will be at the Race Official’s discretion.
  6. Pit areas and fuelling stations will be in a designated area.
  7. Spark arrestor is mandatory to race. This is Law in Alberta and B.C.
  8. All riders must complete 1 full lap to qualify for points. Rocky Motorcycle Club races run for 90 minutes for adult classes, 60 minutes for kids and lady’s classes and 30 minutes for peewee classes unless otherwise stated prior to the start of the race. IF you choose to stop before the time clock has run out you MUST NOT cross the finish line until the time runs out. You will park your bike in the designated pull off area and wait until the end of the race. At that time, you will be permitted to cross the line and finish the race. If you cross the line you are committing to another lap. Failure to complete that lap will result in a DNF.
  9. Starting the race in the incorrect starting class will result in a DNF.
  10. Courses are marked with pink ribbon for trail and blue ribbon for corners. The blue ribbon will be on the trail side that you will turn on.
  11. Riders must remain within 15 feet of the trail ribbon. Effort must be made to stay on trail. Course cutting by means of short cuts or corner cutting is grounds for a time penalty or disqualification.
  12. When a faster rider comes up behind you please allow them to pass safely.
  13. Roosting the score tent will result in a time penalty.
  14. In the event that the ambulance must leave the race, the race will be suspended.
  15. Any injury or incident on course MUST be reported to the Race Official. ALL medical treatment MUST also be reported prior to the end of race day.
  16. In the event that we must stop a race due to unforeseen circumstances, all racers ON COURSE will receive 2 points for that race.
  17. Once results are posted there will be a 15-minute NO CONTACT period followed by a 30-minute protest period.
  18. All protests must be made in writing to the Race Official by the Racer. This is for all classes. Failure to comply will result in protest not being considered.
  19. Protests outside of 30 minutes, unless a result of technical error, will not be considered. It is the responsibility of the Racers to check the results within the 30-minute period.
  20. Any protest taken to ANYONE other than the Race Official during and after, the 30-minute protest period will result in a Disqualification.


All events are CANCELLED until further notice.

There is still a lot of uncertainty on the 2020 race season. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.


Off-Road Action


Events take place at Various Tracks

Morgan's - *cancelled
Sunday, June 7

Ricinus - *cancelled
Sunday, July 19

Marble Mountain - *cancelled
Saturday, August 1 - Race Day
Sunday, August 2 - Fun Day

Osborne's - *cancelled
Sunday, September 6

On-site registration Saturday evening and Sunday morning | Rider's Meeting 8:30am | Racing Starts 9am

Watch for individual event details!